Abdominal Acupuncture with Pia
25-26 Novembre 2023

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During 2 days of live training 

11am - 7pm GMT (Time in London, UK)
12pm - 8pm CET (Time in Amsterdam, Holland)
6am   -  2pm EST (Time in New York)

Private replay available on the day

You will see and understand protocols for different problems (joint pain, acute and chronic etc…)

History of Abdominal Acupuncture by Dr Zhiyun Bo
The belly our second brain
Introducing the the abdominal turtle
The 3 layers and the Ba Gua
The navel and its role with AA
Dimensions and distances on the abdomen

You will learn a very effective acupuncture system that offers fast results.

Locations of base points, key points
Location of specific points
Fascia and AA
Relaxation of the abdomen to achieve a better effect
Case studies

You will learn a very effective acupuncture system that offers fast results.

Online training offers many advantages. No costs related to transport and accommodation.  A private recording of the course will be available for 10 days.

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Your two day online training

Two days live via zoom (private). Direct questions and exchanges. Small group. Course reserved for TCM professionals only.

We use zoom

The course takes place on zoom. Our technical team will be at your disposal for technical questions. If you haven't already taken zoom live training course you will be amazed how good it is.

A complete training course

At the end of the training you will be ready to use AA in your practice. 

Questions and Exchanges

Sure. We will share a real dialogue. You will have in advance the structure of the training in pdf. During the course you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions.

Practical Work

Surprise ! Even if we connect via Zoom you will have a lot of practical work to do during the course.

During the training course you will discover...

You are already a TCM practitioner, or in the last year of your studies


Module 1: The History of AA

The technique developed in China in the 1970s by Dr. Zhiyun Bo. Abdominal acupuncture (or "Fuzhen") is based on the stimulation of points located only in the stomach.


Module 2: Point Localisation

Observe, palpate and relax the abdomen. Location Rm 4 and 6, draw a line to measure
Calculate the points below the navel
Location E25 and Rte 15
Location Ren 16 / Kidney meridian
The abstract diagram: points and meridians + Ab
Draw the turtle; first treatment discussion (articulation)


Module 3: Contraindications

There are some contraindications to the practice of Abdominal Acupuncture. We will note them and explain them.


Module 4: Combining points

Point combinations. The diamond.
The different layers of the skin.
Needle depth, anatomical and functional depth.


Module 5: Needle technique

The order of insertion
Handling the needles
Needle manipulation


Module 6: Measurements

How to measure correctly.
A few more points
The lotus flower


Module 7: Case studies

We will study together some cases of my practice


Module 8: Ba Gua

The miraculous turtle and the Ba Gua map. The harmonization of Zang Fu.

Isabelle Warren

I had the opportunity to participate in Pia’s online AA course. I am delighted with this method of abdominal acupuncture.

Helène Leleux

 A big thank you for this exciting training course. I start on my patients, I measure and I calculate !

Sylvie Duchene

Thank you for the replay of the course which allows me to tidy up my notes and keep your teaching in my memory!

Jean-Michel Bourgeois

You are a magician. Your teaching is very pleasant and stress-free. Thank you again for this introduction to a very interesting acupuncture system.

Matthew Le Roux

First of all, thank you for the quality of your teaching. Very clear, very precise in your explanations. We can see your background as a teacher.

Virginie Bellayer

It was a very enjoyable training course, very enriching.  Thank you for this beautiful transmission


Pia is one of the top practitioners in the world with this technique. It's a fantastic technique that we should all have in our toolbox. I strongly advise you to take part in Pia's Abdominal Acupuncture course. 

Juan Hahn JH-Natural.com


Your "replay" of the training course for 10 days 

All training sessions will be recorded (private link). You will be able to view the sessions that you might have missed or that you would like to see again at your own pace on demand for 10 days!

Replay available on the day.

Pia Columberg

Pia has been visiting China regularly since 2006 to take additional training in Acupuncture and Tui Na.
She discovered Abdominal Acupuncture at the TCM Hospital in Guangzhou with Professor Quin.
For three years running she returned to deepen her skills in the “Miraculous Turtle” system.
Pia is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist in Albi, France. She is a certified adult trainer in France.

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Roll on the 25th 26th November

I can't wait to join you for these two days to discover the secrets of the miraculous turtle

Pia Columberg

Pia Columberg