Abdominal Acupuncture: A Secondary Effect

A Case Study

Mr. C., 50 years old, severe lower back pain.
His wife made the appointment and I love it! Normally the husband comes with a lot of conviction. I'm sure you're familiar with this type of consultation.
And he comes on crutches. His wife took him because he can't drive. I see his face - pure skepticism!

It's going to be funny, I think. He tells me his story: Herniated disc, L5, S1. It's almost standard. The pain radiates to the buttock and he cannot sit for long. Normally he uses a cushion.

And that's not all ! A few months ago, he tore the ligaments in his ankle, and in addition a fracture. Result: an operation and there we found a cyst on the left tibia. An operation to remove it and the wound does not close. Great! Another operation to graft skin on the leg and that didn't go too well either.
Pain everywhere, on sick leave for weeks and I understand his pessimism about me.

First Session

What an advantage with AA. Because he can't lie on his stomach, it's too painful and he's a bit afraid of being stung. This technique is so soft and he notices it to me after all my needles are laid. I have to be careful because he takes blood thinners.

My protocol in AA: "bring the Qi to its source", plus E 25 and Rte 15, Qi Pang both sides (because her pain is in both legs), bilateral E 26 and all the points for the left leg.
I add auriculotherapy: pelvis, knee and lumbar. (fig 1)

fig 1

Second Session - Without Crutches

It was done and I'm asking for a second session shortly. He comes back a week later and says to me, “It didn’t really work! I still hurt! “I noticed that he arrived without crutches! His wife grimaces and adds: “But you are in less pain. He admits that the pain is reduced, but I still see that he is not at all convinced to have sessions with me.

fig 2

Well, I do a second treatment and he still tells me little by little that the pain is now only in the left leg and buttock. Protocol again with abdominal acupuncture: “bring the Qi to its source. E 25 Rte 15 and the whole left leg with “ashi” points around the left E 26, right Qi Pang. (fig 2)
Finding knots that aren't really ashi points as I learned them makes the difference to effective treatment in AA. Dave Shipsey is a master of this technique and it is thanks to one of his visits to my home that I use it in every session. The session ends around noon and the couple go to eat in Albi in a restaurant.

Third Session

Why am I speaking about this? Because at the third session, his wife told me that during the whole meal, he was sitting on the chair without cushion and without pain.
And now, for the first time, he smiles and he confirms to me that his pains were gone for a whole week.

During the session (fig 3), again with quite a few knots found on her stomach. The turtle guided me and I noticed that the leg wound was also starting to heal. For the moment I have no more news.

fig 3

You also know this syndrome, as soon as the situation is almost (and I say almost!) resolved, the patient no longer comes. But my credo is: no news is good news!

A side effect of this encounter; this couple gave me good word of mouth nearby.

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