Abdominal Acupuncture: A Lotus Flower

I often think back to my time in Guangzhou/China, where I first saw the use of abdominal acupuncture. I am aware of how lucky I was to find such a good and patient teacher. That was over ten years ago now and not a day goes by in my practice that I don't use this amazing technique.

Sometimes only AA, but also combined with traditional points or cranial acupuncture according to Yamamoto, Tui Na…….. The possibilities are endless!

Why am I so enthusiastic about this type of acupuncture?

It is a very mild acupuncture, but its effect is extremely powerful. For very anxious patients it is wonderful to be able to work with acupuncture anyway.

I often treat children, also with acupuncture, and a “try” needle, for example on E 25, is often a good start. They are extremely proud after the session and can tell about it at home or at school.

There are also some of my patients whom I accompany during their cancer therapy. Symptoms such as severe fatigue, headaches and nausea are almost always present. Aversions to bites, fear of pain and hypersensitivity to any "rough" technique are expressed.

Phrases like: "I'm so sick of being pushed and poked!" - I hear a lot.

And here AA is my "miracle weapon"! The “lotus” treatment around the navel is one of the best techniques for recharging weakened energies. My patients love it and I often tell them, "Today I will use a flower to recharge your battery."

The eight needles around the navel really look like a beautiful flower.


As I said, I often think of my time in Guangzhou.

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