What I have learned teaching AA online

I have been teaching AA online for two years now. Initially I never dreamed I would give an acupuncture course online. My fears were many: it can't go well! No one will care! Why should anyone ever spend the money! Plus more destructive and negative self talk as well. But I was wrong, thankfully.

I am a teacher by training and by vocation.  I love exchanges with colleagues and students during a course and I am sure I learn as much as the participants. Until Covid arrived all my courses were live. So I can say that thanks to this crisis, a new door has opened for me.

And not just for me. Working online, zoom meetings and classes have become the norm.

How my online journey started

This is how my online adventure started. One of my Abdominal Acupuncture courses which was to take place in Switzerland was canceled because of Covid. The school was no longer able to provide on-site lessons and switched all teaching to online lessons, as a way of staying in business. The director asked me if I could also give the course online and at first I had to swallow, and then I accepted.

During my training as a professional adult trainer / FPA, giving online courses was also part of the curriculum. We worked with Google Hangouts and I learned a lot from it. However Zoom was a game changer. It's just so much easier. As I prepared for my first course I can honestly say that ever in my life as a trainer have I worked so hard and so thoroughly to create a course.

I made videos with my patients, photos of manipulation of the needles and the ruler etc etc. I sat in front of the screen for days and weeks and more and more ideas were implemented. The result was a course that I was proud to present and the participants and school management were very satisfied.

After that, it made sense that I also offered this course in France and in French, which was another challenge since German is my mother longue. 

Advantages for the online student

I understand the feeling and fear of some students that they are not ready for an online course. Until now, the rule was that you stood right next to the teacher and could ask all questions and also be corrected.

But what will really change? You are in a group and take the course at home. You are already an experienced TCM practitioner. I don't have to teach you acupuncture. Questions can be asked at any time. Of course a discussion is welcome.

Practical work will also be part of the way I like to teach, so you will not sit in front of the screen without doing anything! During the online course we  have breaks, naturally whichare a great moment for conversations between participants so you get to know each other too.

Cost savings when you take an online course

And some cost savings when learning online: you do not need to book a hotel room or travel. No big bill. You can be at home and fit in the training around your home life.

Don't forget the replay

And of course after my online training studentshave access to a replay. Plus I organize a followup meeting where questions and experiences can be exchanged. All this is included in the online learning experience, including written support and the possibility of contacting me each time if you have other questions.

So I hope to see you face to face via Zoom and we can learn more about the Miraculous Turtle.

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