Abdominal Acupuncture – The Turtle

Since 2006 I have been visiting China for additional training in acupuncture and Tui Na. It is an interesting and sometimes stressful experience, because the way of teaching in China is not at all the same as in Europe. I think my advantage is that I always travel alone and can invest myself 100%. The advantage is that I don't feel disturbed by a group and the doctor has more time to realize that "I exist".

Yes I admit, when I am in China I am a little selfish, I want to make the most of my stay. A good example: the story of my discovery of abdominal acupuncture in Guangzhou. I had never heard of this technique and the purpose of the training was to train me in Tui Na and acupuncture for a month. My training schedule was done by Guangzhou University and my first week served introduction to the different departments of hospitals linked to the university. One day when I was in a "super modern" hospital, clean and completely different from the others, I discovered a sign upstairs "DEPARTMENT OF TRADITIONAL ACUPUNCTURE".

When I enter I hear classical music, no noise and I don't at all feel like I'm in a big hospital. My interpreter accompanied me and I was therefore introduced to the director of this department, Professor Quin. Just a little "Ni hao" and she continues to work. But everything she did, her way of practicing acupuncture… I didn't understand at all. It was certainly acupuncture, but only on the stomach, it was very strange. My interpreter tried to ask for explanations, but she did not answer! He did not know this method either. Hhmmmmm! My curiosity was aroused and I was really intrigued.

On the second day, at home, same story; she totally ignored me and I started to follow her like a little dog. She was leaving a room to see other patients, I followed beside her. It took three days before she started to realize that I was still there. In the meantime, all my other projects had disappeared and no longer interested me! I found something completely different there and the only information I had was that it was called "abdominal acupuncture"!

Finally Professor Quin started looking at me and even asking me questions. And what happiness! She spoke English. Our conversations could therefore be direct, without an interpreter! Little by little she made comments and gave me explanations. When there were fewer patients she even answered my questions. But unfortunately my stay ended and I returned to France. I tried to find books, courses and information on this technique, but without much success. Stubborn as I am; I decided to come back to learn more. For three consecutive years, I returned to see her and each time she was a little surprised by my visit. I started to introduce this technique in my professional daily life and the results are sometimes almost “miraculous”.

In this podcast I talk to Dave Shipsey about the Miraculous Turtle

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